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European Cobblery
is a family owned and operated shoe store serving the bay area since 1942. A jewel of the peninsula, European Cobblery offers a full service shoe and leather repair shop. Renowned for our four generations of fine craftsmanship we specialize in high quality repairs and alterations from adding elastics to altering straps. Known for our detailed and meticulous work we are recognized for resoling and refurbishing shoes and leather goods. We not only offer in store drop off, but you may also send in your shoes and have them shipped back to you via UPS. We pride ourselves on fine craftsmanship and timely delivery. We are proud to be recommended by many luxury boutiques for repairs and alterations on their high end merchandise. Namely, Louis Vuitton stores across the bay area sending their patrons to us in lieu of sending their goods to the repair center in Paris. Nieman Marcus, Arthur Beren and Wilkes Bashford are among others of whom we appreciate their support. Rest assured your cherished shoes and handbags will be well taken care of at European Cobblery.

We sell a plentiful array of fun, funky and comfort shoes all sure to be of the highest quality. Featuring the best selection of clogs in the Bay Area.  
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